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'Renown' works no.15653 reg no.CU 978 class R3 8nhp weight 18 tonnes.
Renown was completed on May 8th 1920 for the showman - John Murphy of County Durham.
It was built with no twisted brass but fitted with a Thompson and Walton Feast Crane, the first engine to be fitted with one at the Fowlers factory.
Renown and sister engine Repulse were delivered in grey undercoat because they were urgently needed to work with John Murphys Peacock Scenic Ride, they supposed to go back to the factory to be painted the following winter, but never did.  They have been painted blue and black at different times.
Renown was used to crane cars off the scenic ride and often had her fire kept lit constantly for 8 days at a time as she was needed for erecting, dismantling and generating for the ride.
In 1941 Renown was used for timber loading in Cumbria, after the war she stood derelict until 1952.  


1920 - 1952  J Murphy of County Durham

1952 - 1959  T E Tate of County Durham

1959 - 1962  W Johnstone of Warksworth

1962 - 1963  P R Bates on Consett

1963 - 1979  A R Hawthorne & Sons of Woodcote

1979 - ......  Howard Brothers of Derbyshire

Disasters - In 1920 Renown was travelling in Rippon, when a subsidence occured and the engine partly fellinto a cellar.

In 1937 the flywheel sheared off and she had to be towed back to Tyneside Shipyard for repairs and because Repulse was not taxed Repulse was fitted with Renowns name and number, these remained mixed until preservation.

In 2003 Renown was nearly completely destroyed in a fire at the workshop of Howard Brothers, but after 18 months of intensive repair and restoration she is once again a splendid sight.


1963 a new firebox by Gowers.

1979 - 1983 complete rebuild including firebox and boiler, replacing all bearings, back axle, tyres and numerous other things. 

2003 - 2004 complete rebuild after the fire, leaving Renown as you see her today.