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Delivered new to the Studt family of South Wales in 1886.  When John Studt died in 1912 the ride was sold to Whittles of Camberley and were travelled around Surrey.  In 1948 the ride was sold to Alf Whitelegg and was mostly referred to as the 'Whitelegg Gallopers'.
It was a popular attraction within the West Country.  After being in the ownership of Alf Whitelegg they were sold to Peter Lay who travelled them around rallies and shows for a few years.  Within the ownership of this gentleman the ride fell under the control of the Bank and were in that time often referred to as the 'Natwest Gallopers'.
The Gallopers then disappeared from the showground for many years and were discovered by Jimmy Noyce.  He started a long and time consuming restoration project to completely refurbish the roundabout, but as time went on he was unable to complete the ride.
The ride was purchased by its present owners, the Howard Brothers of Derbyshire in September 2005. 
The 38ft 'three abreast' 12 section steam gallopers built by Savages of Kings Lynn in 1886 had its restoration completed in 12 years with the final 7 months of the restoration of the ride and transport being finished by the Howard Brothers.  The Savage centre engine number 664 was restored and completed with copper lagging.  To complete the ride a Limonaire 54 key organ was purchased.
The ride now travels to shows around Great Britain and when stood alongside the Howard Brothers Fowler Showmans road locomotive 'Renown' it provides a great example of steam power preserved and restored to great accuracy.